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Your roof takes a lot of abuse. If it’s not being battered by rain or hail, it’s being exposed to the sun all day. All that exposure to the elements take a serious toll, and your roof can’t withstand it forever. That’s why you’ll want to save our number for your next roofing emergency. We’ll even offer you a free inspection to check for damage.

What Roof Damages Should You Look Out For?

That’s going to depend on the roofing material that you use. Clay tiles could last centuries without needing to be replaced, but they’re heavy and need extra support. They can be chipped or cracked in a hailstorm, or if debris lands on them. They’re not likely to lift off easily, and they won’t curl, so you don’t have to be as concerned about that kind of damage.

Asphalt shingles don’t have quite the same lifespan, but they should be good for at least twenty or thirty years. They’re also a lot less expensive than clay tiles. These shingles are also a lot lighter, and so don’t need as much support.

They can be chipped or cracked in a hailstorm similar to tile, but you also have to watch for lifting and curling. Another issue is that these tiles are coated in asphalt particles. Over time, these particles will wear off. When that happens, the shingle will be completely exposed and no longer watertight.

Metal roofing won’t chip or crack easily, but repeated battering by the elements can leave it dented and warped. The sheets may also lift in heavy winds.

It’s important to stress here that these conditions may not result in easily detectable leaks. Water may be getting in at one point in the roof, and then condensing, and running down a beam or support structure. If the damage is not all that severe, you might not even see a visible leak at all.

Surely a Little Water Won’t Hurt?

If the ceiling has the chance to dry out between rainstorms, you could get away with some minor leaks for a while. We don’t recommend trying it though. Moisture will lead to higher levels of humidity, and this makes the ceiling a prime location for mold to grow.

Even if there is no mold, the moisture can cause the materials inside the ceiling to rot. If left for long enough, the water could damage the structural integrity of the roof. It could also seep into the walls of the building and cause more damage there.
In short, it’s better to identify damage and repair as early on as possible. That’s one of the reasons that we’ll come out and inspect your roof for free. The sooner the damage is repaired, the less it’s going to cost you in the long run.

Good maintenance will help keep your home dry and comfortable and expand the useful lifespan of your roof. What do you have to lose? Give our roof repair experts a call – let us help you protect one of your most valuable assets.

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