Hurricane Ian Roof Repair & Installation— 24/7 Emergency Services

We are aware that it only takes one severe storm to put your roof’s durability at risk, which then threatens the stability of the entire house. Florida seems to be under attack from Hurricane Ian. If you just experienced a hurricane that caused wind damage to your roof, it’s possible that some of your roof was lifted or it was completely pulled off. Unpredictable weather is nothing new to us here in Florida. Nothing is worse than having your Florida home or business premises suddenly damaged by bad weather. SRQ Building Services is the best option if you need a reliable roofing company that can provide emergency roof services right away.

Signs That Your Roof Needs Emergency Repair

On the surface, your roof may appear to be in good shape, but that doesn’t ensure that it was unharmed throughout the storm.
The following are warning indicators of a damaged roof:

Damaged or missing shingles: It is quite common for this to happen. Typically, it’s because of a strong wind. It’s not a major concern if there are only one or two missing shingles. But, if your roof has multiple cracks covering larger areas, it is likely to collapse soon.

Internal Water Damage: It might be a good idea to obtain a roof inspection if you notice any water damage to the interior walls of your home. Apply the same principles if you discover mold or indications of water damage in the attic. If there is water damage, the roof may be leaking. Having a damaged roof or having poor ventilation on the roof could result in mold and mildew.

Algae or Moss: You might find it challenging to see all the moss, algae, lichen, and other debris that might accumulate around your roof after hurricane damage. You must keep an eye out, though, as these growths can damage the condition of your roof.

Dripping gutters: The protection your home receives from weather-related damage and leaks is dependent on your gutters, therefore it’s critical to keep them in good condition. SRQ Building Services may assist if your gutters are broken, leaking, or are separating from the home in certain sections.

For instance, it’s a warning sign that water can’t reach the downspout, and if sheets of water are running from the top of your gutters, it is likely harming your roof and shingles. The issue is that after a significant storm, many homeowners choose to ignore this.
We know how to detect a subtly damaged rooftop. When our experts inspect your roof, they take the time to explain to you what is wrong with it and how they arrived at that determination, so you understand why they recommended a certain repair.

Why Contact SRQ Building Services?

It’s simple: you don’t want solutions that are merely good when disaster comes. Epic solutions are what you seek. What matters most to you should be protected by a roof that can survive whatever the next storm throws at you.
Our crew is aware that you shouldn’t be forced to accept inferior roofing that may fall apart after a year or two and leave you trapped needing costly repair. To ensure that you receive the best roofing service for your money, we bring decades of roofing knowledge to the table.
We’re here to help you out! Contact us today to get started restoring your damaged roof after Hurricane Ian. Call us today at (941)-350-1854.

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