Fascia Installation Repair

Fascia is an essential component of a roofing system. Fascia is a finishing component that is located along the edges of your roofing and is connected to rafters or trusses. It acts as a buffer zone to protect wood along the edges from moisture, thereby keeping the entire house/roof moisture-free.

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Fascia Installation Experts

Because fascia is one of the shields that keeps other components of your roof dry, it is frequently subjected to the elements, leaving it worn. As a result, fascia is frequently replaced, particularly in older homes or those in high-rain/storm areas.

Architectural roofing shingles are made of thicker asphalt and are designed to mimic the appearance of materials such as clay, slate, and cedar. Architectural shingles add dimension to your roof with each design, adding high-impact design quality and unique textures to the overall look of your home.

Why is Fascia Vital to Homes?

When fascia rots, it exposes some of your roof’s most vulnerable parts to damage. Water will seep deeper into your roofing system and continue to spread, damaging or exacerbating your problem. Replacing fascia when it rots or becomes waterlogged is critical to keeping both your roof and the interior of your home water-free.

When heavy storms threaten your area, your fascia may also be at risk. With tropical storms hitting Florida harder than many other states, residents and business owners will need to act quickly to protect their properties. When facing a high-wind, debris-filled, and moist storm system, roof health is paramount.

Fascia can sustain damage while protecting other parts of your roof from the elements. If you notice any damage, SRQ Building Services is ready to replace your less-than-perfect areas with long-lasting fascia in a variety of styles and materials to suit your needs.

Put your trust in us to keep your home in pristine condition! SRQ Building Services will begin an assessment of your potential fascia problem by inspecting your roof’s eaves. We will then recommend the best fascia replacement materials to keep your home protected from the elements. Your products will last a long time, and your home will be safe from future storms in your area thanks to your new fascia.

Client Testimonials

Debbie Rantz


If you want the job done right and a boss who ensures the job is done to his satisfaction...then call SRQ Building Services. Ray assured me that the job would be complete when promised and that he would be there to oversee the work; yes, he was there! The staff was hard working, friendly, and did an excellent cleanup job. Thank you so much for a good roofing experience!

Paul Den Broeder


Super pleased.....great work for a super fair price also. Would use them again in a heartbeat.

Michael Vissing


Ray and his team were awesome. Had the best pricing for roof installation, were the easiest to get a quote, very easy to work with, and we’re done within 3 days! 10/10 experience and would highly, highly recommend if you are looking to get a new roof!

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